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Does your business have a strong online social media presence?  Are you engaging with your loyal followers and connecting with potential new customers on a regular basis and in a meaningful way?  Well, here are a few incredible stats about consumers and social media that are awesomely amazing for your business if you are, or downright dicey if you're not.

There are 2.34 billion social media users worldwide. ~ Statistica

74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions. ~ ODM Group

78% of people say that social media posts by companies influence their buying decisions. ~ Market Force

Just what does this mean for you and your business?  Your customers, clients and fans want to connect with you online; and Deeply Creative is here to help!  We know how important it is for your followers to feel heard and know that their business is important to you--to know you really care about them as customers and their experiences with your products and services.  We are here to share our passion for the way social media connects people, with your passion for your business.


Collaborating with Deeply Creative allows us both to do what we do best--we grow your fan base in an authentic and meaningful way, while you spend your time maintaining and providing the best possible services and products for the customers that come together to make your business possible!

Check out our "Tackle Box" and service packages below to see how we can "Hook", "Line" and "Sinker" your social today!


Want a custom package?  Have a small creative project or one time request?  Cast us a line and we'll make your request its own fresh catch!

NEW! Want to take care of your social media accounts on your own, but need some guidance and strategy from a Social Media Manager without the price of hiring one?

Join my private "Social Media Support Network" group here!

Hook Social

Social Strategy Consult

3 posts/week

Engagement & Connection Management

Customized Graphics

Line Social

Social Strategy Consult

5 posts/week

Engagement & Connection Management

Customized Graphics

Content Curation & Distribution

Sinker Social

Social Strategy Consult

Daily Posts

Engagement & Connection Management

Customized Graphics

Content Curation & Distribution

Social Media Biz Page Set Up


Profile Photo

Timeline/Cover Photo

About Page Description

Photo Album Uploads 

Call To Action Buttons

Social Media Biz Page Tutorial/Consult

Marketing / Creative Consult

Email Marketing

Customized Graphics

Publishing Materials

Editing / Proofreading

Copywriting / Content Writing

Small Business Website Design/Maintenance

Tackle Box


Looking for an email marketing platform? CONSTANT CONTACT comes Deeply Creative approved!
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