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Do you have a SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN and a SUPPORT network for that plan? 🤔

Welcome to the Deeply Creative - Social Media Support Network! 👩🏼‍💻  Whether new to posting, or just looking for a more guided/strategic social approach to posting to your socials, here you'll dive deeper into connecting with your audience through engaging and interactive content suggestions, sample posts, resources and MORE! Get ready, because you're about to make a splash in the online world! 💦


🔹 30 days of suggested, high-engagement, CONTENT posts complete with GUIDED TIPS 
🔹 30 SAMPLE POSTS (WITH COPY) to connect your learning to your own industry
🔹 RESOURCES for FREE graphic creation software & stock images
🔹 5 BONUS POSTS (including a LIVE tutorial on how to run Facebook Polls on your page for higher engagement)
🔹 The SECRET HACK I use for gaining more organic followers when I onboard new clients (including a LIVE tutorial on how to leverage your likes and page invites!) 
🔹 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the "Deeply Creative - Social Media Support Facebook Network Group" where you can interact with myself and other members for content ideas/questions to guide you on your way

💰 $99 (+ HST where applicable)

⚠️ This group includes many of the main ideas I discuss in paid consults with prospective clients without the consult price. There are no notes for you to take since everything is laid out for you and, even further than a consult, you will receive SPECIFIC CONTENT PROMPTS and SAMPLE POSTS for EACH day of the month. This group was created with small business owners and independents in mind--particularly those who may be unable to hire an offsite Social Media Manager or those who want to post themselves, but need the direction and guidance to get it done! 🙌🏼



JOIN whenever you are ready by making payment via the form below, which includes an invoice for your business marketing records, before being added to the group. Reach out to me here with any questions.


(Please allow time for your payment and group request to be processed.) 

BEGIN when you are ready. Work through each day and complete the challenge at your own pace--there is NO PRESSURE to complete your posts in sync with the group OR within the 30 days (but, the more consistent you are, the better!). 😉

REMEMBER to reach out to myself and the group for assistance with ideas where needed. We are STRONGER TOGETHER! 💪🏼

THEN, if desired, REPEAT the challenge with new posts to keep swimming with your social. 🐠

Make your content creation a FUN, EFFORTLESS, RESULTS-GENERATING task while networking with others, just like you, and getting the support you need! 💙

Yours in Creativity & Heart,

Sherri DeWolf
Deeply Creative ~ Creative Consulting Services

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